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That’s my president Back story — In 1980, when Obama was a freshman at Occidental College in Los Angeles, he was approached by an aspiring photographer named Lisa Jack, who asked him if he would be willing to pose for some black and white photographs that she could use in her portfolio. More from [Time] […]

After a failed attempt to endear American voters through media interviews (a.k.a. “train wrecks”), the Palin camp is trying a new tack: cheesecake. OK, so they’re not happy about the just-found video starring the VP candidate in a onesy for the 1984 Miss Alaska competition. But hey, you don’t see Joe Biden knockin’ ‘em out […]

Even in 1982, she was at the center of a circus. This clip of Republican VPILF Sarah Palin delivering the sports on a local Alaska broadcast proves everything she touches turns to crazy. Just look at these hockey scores: Devils beat the Bruins 7 to 6! Jets trounce the Maple Leafs 8 to 1! Next […]

Can you believe that she MIGHT be our next Vice-President? Even though its a long shot she still looks really good… If McCain wins by some enormous miracle, at least we don’t always have to stare at him but the hot Vice-President..