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About three weeks ago, Facebook and Twitter ended several weeks of serious talks, in which Facebook was offering to acquire Twitter for $500 million of its stock, which also included a cash component. While rumors of Facebook’s interest were brought up in an interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Web 2.0 Summit a […]

Sarah Palin was prank called by Canadian CKOI comedic duo The Masked Avengers, who fooled the Alaskan governor into believing that they were French president Nicolas Sarkozy. The pranksters and Palin discussed such issues as hunting and foreign policy in the 6-minute faux interview. The Palin camp later issued a statement that the governor was […]

Ever carry your cellphone in your front pocket? You’re playing dice with your balls, says a new Cleveland Clinic study, below. They divided semen samples from 32 men into two groups: a test group, exposed to the 850 MHz frequency most cellphones use, and an unexposed control group. Results: Lower motility and viability in the […]