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Barack is Mac


Apparently, America’s president-elect is a Mac user, and a fan of sticking stickers on one’s laptop. I dig the pac-man eating the Apple logo. Commenters: let the Apple/Obama fanboy flamewars fly! Incidentally, if I’m looking at these photos right, it looks like he uses a Crackberry, not an iPhone. And Biden is also evidently a […]

What economic collapse? C’mon, buy yourself a fancy MacBook and feel a little better. Steve Jobs’ latest keynote sensation announces the release of redesigned Apple laptops across the line, featuring fancy LED-backlit displays, all-glass clickable trackpads, and NVIDIA graphics horsepower that’s very gaming-friendly. Teeny drawback: the MacBooks run at least $1299, and the MacBook Pros […]

This month, a tiny company called Google dared take on the mighty Apple and their ubiquitous iPhone with The Android, shown here. It’s really an operating system, designed to one day be used on different mobile phones, and the open-sourciness doesn’t stop there: Unlike the iPhone, it isn’t “locked,” meaning, according to Android human Mike […]