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Many feel there’s never been a bigger screwup in the White House than our current president, but as this clip proves, behind every politician is a bumbling human. ABC News has collected the best “Flubs and Follies” from the 2008 presidential campaign trail, and there are real doozies here. Watch John McCain flub the pronunciation […]

An absolutely unofficial check-in with Budweiser’s “Wassup” boys as they slog through the economic downturn, the war, and even some sort of tsunami. One guy’s lost his home and job, another’s in Iraq covering his ass, etc. No beers (not sure Bud would approve of this little parody), but sad and sober Wassups all around…and […]

Sarah Palin took a short break from frenzied last-minute negative ad research to join show creator Lorne Michaels and Alec Baldwin on the opening SNL sketch last night. Palin critiques Tina Fey’s ratings-rocketing impersonation, and pops up later in the show for Weekend Update, grinning-and-bearing it as a ready-to-burst Amy Poehler kicks a rap mocking […]

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari is in trouble…His diplomatic meeting with Sarah Cuda turned weirdly flirty (presumably, he’s never referred to Joe Biden as “gorgeous”), causing senior Islamic clerics to issue a fatwa for his attention to “a non-Muslim lady wearing a short skirt.” And, you know, showing off that naked face. While the fatwa […]

If you can decipher what “ah did not sampl ur lasanya. an u haz no proofz” means, you’ll appreciate this new book starring the LOLcats from the internet-famous I Can Has Cheezburger?site, founded last year. LOLcats are insufferably cute photos of cats captioned with a unique, craptastic bad-grammar textspeak. The book features 200 of the founder’s […]

Even in 1982, she was at the center of a circus. This clip of Republican VPILF Sarah Palin delivering the sports on a local Alaska broadcast proves everything she touches turns to crazy. Just look at these hockey scores: Devils beat the Bruins 7 to 6! Jets trounce the Maple Leafs 8 to 1! Next […]

In heaven, streaking will be perfect: at any moment of your day, a beautiful naked woman can burst out of nowhere and bounce across your field of vision, filling you with celestial bliss. On earth, it’s usually a pasty Kevin James lookalike wheezing across an infield until tackled by disgusted cops. But there are exceptions […]