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~THE USERS INFO ON THE VIDEO~ Spec Ad for DISSCLAIMER: Microsoft had NO part in making this film. I made this with no money and for fun, so enjoy! Directed By: Sibling Rivalry Music by: Digitalism- Pogo (Shinichi Osawa Remix)  Subscribe to me will you? Advertisements

Good ol’ San Francisco political street art –  

If you can decipher what “ah did not sampl ur lasanya. an u haz no proofz” means, you’ll appreciate this new book starring the LOLcats from the internet-famous I Can Has Cheezburger?site, founded last year. LOLcats are insufferably cute photos of cats captioned with a unique, craptastic bad-grammar textspeak. The book features 200 of the founder’s […]

Even in 1982, she was at the center of a circus. This clip of Republican VPILF Sarah Palin delivering the sports on a local Alaska broadcast proves everything she touches turns to crazy. Just look at these hockey scores: Devils beat the Bruins 7 to 6! Jets trounce the Maple Leafs 8 to 1! Next […]