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26Jun09 Advertisements

The Great Escape, originally uploaded by ukaaa. He finally did it!

A comic book convention is a dangerous place. Crack all the nerd jokes you like, but whenever you concentrate that much passionate testosterone in one space, there’s an elevated risk…in this case, of getting caught in an elevator turf brawl among seventeen sweaty dudes all dressed like the Silver Surfer. But the sight of a […]

Even in 1982, she was at the center of a circus. This clip of Republican VPILF Sarah Palin delivering the sports on a local Alaska broadcast proves everything she touches turns to crazy. Just look at these hockey scores: Devils beat the Bruins 7 to 6! Jets trounce the Maple Leafs 8 to 1! Next […]

Can you believe that she MIGHT be our next Vice-President? Even though its a long shot she still looks really good… If McCain wins by some enormous miracle, at least we don’t always have to stare at him but the hot Vice-President..

Palin Drama


There are plenty of things going against Gov. Palin and her family after McCain announced her as his running-mate. First Gov. Palin confirms her eldest daughter Bristol Palin, only 17yrs. has been pregnant for 5mos. Then there is that firing of a Public Safety Commissioner who refused to divorce one of Palin’s sisters. Hmm…seems kinda […]

Im in love!!! Yea I said it. With the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, my niece. Her name is Andrea, she was born in Pomona, Ca on June 23,2008. She’s only 2 mos. old but she already has over500 pics, mostly taken by myself. I’ll post my favorite pic I took so you guys can comment.