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With the election over, it’s clear that John McCain’s aides absolutely despised Sarah Palin, as they’ve leaked tons of embarrassing information about her. This latest batch may be the most damning, as it’s reported she couldn’t name all the countries in North America (for the record, there are three, and she lives in one of […]

Many feel there’s never been a bigger screwup in the White House than our current president, but as this clip proves, behind every politician is a bumbling human. ABC News has collected the best “Flubs and Follies” from the 2008 presidential campaign trail, and there are real doozies here. Watch John McCain flub the pronunciation […]

Sarah Palin was prank called by Canadian CKOI comedic duo The Masked Avengers, who fooled the Alaskan governor into believing that they were French president Nicolas Sarkozy. The pranksters and Palin discussed such issues as hunting and foreign policy in the 6-minute faux interview. The Palin camp later issued a statement that the governor was […]

Good ol’ San Francisco political street art –  

Sarah Palin took a short break from frenzied last-minute negative ad research to join show creator Lorne Michaels and Alec Baldwin on the opening SNL sketch last night. Palin critiques Tina Fey’s ratings-rocketing impersonation, and pops up later in the show for Weekend Update, grinning-and-bearing it as a ready-to-burst Amy Poehler kicks a rap mocking […]

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari is in trouble…His diplomatic meeting with Sarah Cuda turned weirdly flirty (presumably, he’s never referred to Joe Biden as “gorgeous”), causing senior Islamic clerics to issue a fatwa for his attention to “a non-Muslim lady wearing a short skirt.” And, you know, showing off that naked face. While the fatwa […]

Sarah Palin may have broken the law by conducting state business through her personal email account and not the official state one, illegal because it is easy to delete personal emails and avoid the legally mandated public record. But there’s another reason why elected officials should avoid Yahoo: Personal email accounts are readily hackable, as […]