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Whoever said video games are dorky and lacking in heart, shut your Doritos-flaked mouths. Just stow this link somewhere handy, pull out at the first moment your girlfriend rails about your man-child instincts never dying despite your being 35, and play it for her. Let that mustachioed troubadour croon on about Mario Kart in ways […]

Gulf Oil CEO Joe Petrowski said on Wednesday that the price of oil could sink to $20 per barrel, and there is a chance gasoline prices could drop as low as $1 per gallon by early next year. Speaking at a South Shore Chamber of Commerce breakfast at Lombardo’s in Randolph, the Brockton native said […]

LONDON – At least someone is excited about “meh.” The expression of indifference or boredom has gained a place in the Collins English Dictionary after generating a surprising amount of enthusiasm among lexicographers. Publisher HarperCollins announced Monday the word had been chosen from terms suggested by the public for inclusion in the dictionary’s 30th anniversary […]

Proving once and for all that love comes in all sizes; the surprisingly hot (and slim) Claudia Solis married Manuel Uribe, at an estimated 1200 pounds the fattest man in the universe. Wedding suit? Check. Boutonnière? Check. Flatbed truck to haul the bed his fat ass hasn’t been out of in six years to the […]