Meet Jared

Being new to the blogosphere is a challenge these days. It seems even your five year old neighbor who still thinks Power Rangers are cool has a blog. Needless to say, I got tired of throwing my thoughts and ideas at my family who didn’t apreciate them. It’s not their fault, they’re just naive. So I did what any new-age young American would… I started my own blog. Now, I know you will say “Why should like or even look at this blog”. I’ll tell you why. Because Chuck Norris said so. And his word is the law.


One Response to “Meet Jared”

  1. “…you can only control all the corner real estate in town and pay disenfranchised young people to sling an addictive product for so long before you lose your grip on the game.”

    you’re very insightful. you belong at harvard or somewhere, kid. you’re a thinker! =)

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