What’s the Drunkest State in the Land?


beerWelcome to Wisconsin, the Wasted State: a bleary paradise where teenagers can drink legally (hey—their parents are getting loaded, too!) and you have to rack up five DUIs before the Man files felony charges. We know cheeseheads are a festive people, but we had no idea that they support more liquor licenses per capita than any other state, or that they come out on top of the national binge-drinking rankings year after year. Holla! Naturally, some do-gooders are now working to spoil this modern utopia and turn Wisconsin into another Utah. For the time being, however, it’s bottoms up in Badgerland!

From: The New York Times | Take Me There…

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One Response to “What’s the Drunkest State in the Land?”

  1. I can just see it now…lots of teens are gonna apply to University of Wisconsin just because of this!!!

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