Beyonce Knowles as Wonder Woman


beyonceLAST week she had to out-fox a challenge from online comic nerds for the gig, but now Megan Gale faces competition from Beyonce Knowles who revealed she wants to play Wonder Woman on the big screen.

The pop diva, who starred in Dreamgirls and Austin Powers: Gold Member, claims to have met executives from DC Comics and Warner Bros who own the rights to the super heroine tale.

Inspired by president-elect Barack Obama, the 27-year-old revealed she wants to be the first black Wonder Woman.

“I want to do a superhero movie and what would be better than Wonder Woman?” Knowles told the Los Angeles Times.

“And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It’s time for that, right? It would be great.”

While Gale remains contracted to play Diana Prince’s alter ego in George Miller’s production of Justice League Of America, funding hurdles and now a push from a guaranteed box office babe like Knowles could prove more problematic.

The David Jones ambassador began boot camp for the role earlier this year, taking up martial arts training to be fit for the film action.

But with the production stalling, Gale may have to put her new-found butt-kicking skills to use warding off other contenders for the red and blue Wonder Woman one-piece.

Last week Gale saw off a cyber raid by comic fans to force the hand of studio executives to cast Transformers star Megan Fox as Wonder Woman.

It was only after a convincing poster campaign and trailer were exposed as fake did Gale’s role appear firm.





I’m sorry, but in this bloggers opinion, nobody on earth other than Olivia Munn could be Wonder Woman… Don’t believe me? Gaze your eyes on perfection and then come to a conclusion…


Can you say “Box Office Blockbuster?”

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4 Responses to “Beyonce Knowles as Wonder Woman”

  1. 1 theshadyninja

    I think that image is part of the reason why I love Munn so much.

  2. your right… i need to post more pics of her

  3. Okay, my picks…
    My first choice is OLIVIA MUNN!!! All hail Omunn!!!
    Next choice is Alessandra Ambrosio!!! (she’s got the FACE and the BODY, but she’s not an actress…hey maybe she and Adriana and Izabel can do cameos! They are, after all from the Amazons!!!!)
    Love Kate Beckinsale, although she nixed the part already.
    Morena Baccarin, because I love her on FireFly and Serenity.
    Nadia Bjorlin, because it’s refreshing to cast a gorgeous, (almost) virtual unknown to play such a HUGE role!

  4. 4 scottedward

    Lol.I almost put a link here…Oops guess I did anyway.Didnt realize who’s blog it was. 🙂

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