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Through six agent 007s and dozens of movies, but there has always been one constant: James Bond nails at least one absurdly hot woman every film. This photo gallery dares to rank the most bodacious of the Bond babes, including some of the usual suspects (Halle Berry’s hot chocolate poured into orange bikini), a surprise […]

The mother and brother of actress and singer Jennifer Hudson were found shot to death in their home on the South Side of Chicago on October 24, 2008. The shooting was believed to have resulted from some kind of domestic dispute. An APB has also been put out for Hudson’s 7-year-old cousin, who is missing […]

Good ol’ San Francisco political street art –  

Sarah Palin took a short break from frenzied last-minute negative ad research to join show creator Lorne Michaels and Alec Baldwin on the opening SNL sketch last night. Palin critiques Tina Fey’s ratings-rocketing impersonation, and pops up later in the show for Weekend Update, grinning-and-bearing it as a ready-to-burst Amy Poehler kicks a rap mocking […]

What economic collapse? C’mon, buy yourself a fancy MacBook and feel a little better. Steve Jobs’ latest keynote sensation announces the release of redesigned Apple laptops across the line, featuring fancy LED-backlit displays, all-glass clickable trackpads, and NVIDIA graphics horsepower that’s very gaming-friendly. Teeny drawback: the MacBooks run at least $1299, and the MacBook Pros […]

Ringo Starr, the untalented Beatle, issued a stern Dear John letter to his fans in the form of an in-your-face video breaking up with them. In the vid below, Starr directs his faithful, presumably brain-damaged followers to send no more love letters and autograph requests, and warns that any correspondence received after October 20 will […]

Reasonable geeks may have given up on ever seeing a supermodel in her scanties within the walls of a comic shop, but it here’s proof it was worth waiting for. has an all original gallery of some the world’s hottest women posing in pics that are so Blam! Whamm! Ka-Pow! they’d make a man […]