See The “Wassup” Boys, Now In Dire Straits


An absolutely unofficial check-in with Budweiser’s “Wassup” boys as they slog through the economic downturn, the war, and even some sort of tsunami. One guy’s lost his home and job, another’s in Iraq covering his ass, etc. No beers (not sure Bud would approve of this little parody), but sad and sober Wassups all around…and a semi-surprise politically charged ending that gets the commenters’ collective knickers in a knot.


One Response to “See The “Wassup” Boys, Now In Dire Straits”

  1. Whoa! Has it really been 8 yrs! Cool vid…the Wassup Boys having the same problems and issues as most of us do! And nice subliminal message at the end! haha!!! CHANGE…that’s WASSUP!!!

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