Gmail Labs’ ‘Mail Goggles’ Save Your Drunken Ass


It’s just a little too easy to let rip a caustic email to coworkers or an ill-advised booty-plea to your ex after decompressing with a fistful of whiskey shots on a Friday night. Gmail’s newest “Labs” functionality, “Mail Goggles,” can make it just a little bit harder, by forcing you to complete a math problem while considering this prompt: “It’s that time of day…Are you sure you want to send this?” Vampires and round-the-clock bloviators are given the choice to opt out of the experimental feature, but for the rest of us: you’ll thank you in the morning.

Go read Googles take on it…

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One Response to “Gmail Labs’ ‘Mail Goggles’ Save Your Drunken Ass”

  1. My ability to do math while sober precludes my use of this new function. Good idea though.

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