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Proving once and for all that love comes in all sizes; the surprisingly hot (and slim) Claudia Solis married Manuel Uribe, at an estimated 1200 pounds the fattest man in the universe. Wedding suit? Check. Boutonnière? Check. Flatbed truck to haul the bed his fat ass hasn’t been out of in six years to the […]

A teacher in Hungary was caught on tape stripping for a group of 15-year-old students after she was dared in a game of truth or dare. The teacher, who has not been named, was supposed to be supervising a party when the incident occurred. Parents of the students called for the teachers dismissal, but the […]

Can you believe that a pair of dim-witted skinheads would come up with such a “brilliant” plan? How low do people have to go to get what they want? I wouldn’t even wish this on President Bush nor McCain… It’s so sad.

Aots stickam chat with Comic book super cool nerd, blair butler. Talks to people about games/commics.

It’s a behind the scenes look at the cross-dressing antics from the “WonderKevin” sketch.

Olivia Munn’s 2 year anniversary at G4…. oh the memories

An absolutely unofficial check-in with Budweiser’s “Wassup” boys as they slog through the economic downturn, the war, and even some sort of tsunami. One guy’s lost his home and job, another’s in Iraq covering his ass, etc. No beers (not sure Bud would approve of this little parody), but sad and sober Wassups all around…and […]