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Sarah Palin may have broken the law by conducting state business through her personal email account and not the official state one, illegal because it is easy to delete personal emails and avoid the legally mandated public record. But there’s another reason why elected officials should avoid Yahoo: Personal email accounts are readily hackable, as […]

After a failed attempt to endear American voters through media interviews (a.k.a. “train wrecks”), the Palin camp is trying a new tack: cheesecake. OK, so they’re not happy about the just-found video starring the VP candidate in a onesy for the 1984 Miss Alaska competition. But hey, you don’t see Joe Biden knockin’ ‘em out […]

Ever carry your cellphone in your front pocket? You’re playing dice with your balls, says a new Cleveland Clinic study, below. They divided semen samples from 32 men into two groups: a test group, exposed to the 850 MHz frequency most cellphones use, and an unexposed control group. Results: Lower motility and viability in the […]

A comic book convention is a dangerous place. Crack all the nerd jokes you like, but whenever you concentrate that much passionate testosterone in one space, there’s an elevated risk…in this case, of getting caught in an elevator turf brawl among seventeen sweaty dudes all dressed like the Silver Surfer. But the sight of a […]

  Every college is a party school these days, so to really distinguish yourself, you have to earn it. And this year’s top 20 did just that, climbing the ranks through hard work, determination, and a veritable river of body shots. Coed Magazine has put together a gallery of this year’s top 20 party schools as ranked […]

Even in 1982, she was at the center of a circus. This clip of Republican VPILF Sarah Palin delivering the sports on a local Alaska broadcast proves everything she touches turns to crazy. Just look at these hockey scores: Devils beat the Bruins 7 to 6! Jets trounce the Maple Leafs 8 to 1! Next […]

In heaven, streaking will be perfect: at any moment of your day, a beautiful naked woman can burst out of nowhere and bounce across your field of vision, filling you with celestial bliss. On earth, it’s usually a pasty Kevin James lookalike wheezing across an infield until tackled by disgusted cops. But there are exceptions […]