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Im in love!!! Yea I said it. With the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, my niece. Her name is Andrea, she was born in Pomona, Ca on June 23,2008. She’s only 2 mos. old but she already has over500 pics, mostly taken by myself. I’ll post my favorite pic I took so you guys can comment. […]

Lately I’ve been enjoying some very clever websites thanks to Kevin Pereira. First is a great music website calle The site calls itself a “massively multiplayer music discovery”. Yea ok. But trust me its really good. The second site I can’t even begin to describe. The name of the site is It’s made by […]

Welcome, Hello, Hola, Whatever… So this is my first posting, and I got to admit setting up a blog isn’t hard…but it isn’t easy. But I digress. I thank you for visiting what might be the most interesting blog you have read for one reason. I have never blogged before; therefore I might suck. The following […]